Some character's names are changing from their original denotation.
Crag = Krag
Teej = Tej
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Chapter 6

    Crag woke the sounds of Dionne bustling in the kitchen.  She clanged utensils against pans, sizzled eggs with bacon, and pancakes on the griddle.
    Crag groaned as he rustled in the peculiar, not exactly plant based coverings that Dionne set out for him to sleep beneath.  He swung his huge legs off of the side of the bed and with two thumps of his heels he stood.  His leather armor and fur shirt and trousers lay folded on the chair in the guest bedroom.  The orc reached forward and grabbed the trousers.  He sniffed them and took them away from his nose.  They didn’t smell like his scent.  They smelled… like… flowers.

    “Damn, humans, always making things smell like flowers,” Crag said as he begrudgingly slid the trousers up his legs, nearly having to wrap them around his legs and buttocks.  “Have these shrunk?” Crag asked under his breath.  Finally the trousers stretched and covered him.
    The flower scent clung to his fur shirt as well, but Crag slid that on easier than his trousers.  His boots also looked like they had been cleaned.  They shined in the morning sun which wasn’t a bad look for them, but he was used to the mud and grime which usually coated them.  Crag’s armor looked like someone polished it.  It didn’t smell like flowers thankfully, more like oil and another unrecognizable scent.
    Fully clad in clothes and armor, Crag stepped out of the guest bedroom and smelled his way to the kitchen, clomping through the house in his normal gait, which sounded like a bull to the Jenkins family.
    Dionne stood at the stove cooking.  A young male human and a young female human sat at the table consuming something from their plates.  Crag was pleased by the smell.
    The male scoffed.  “Mama, your boyfriend is awake.”
    Dionne snapped around an evil glare at her son.  “Andre, you stop it right now.”
    The female said to Crag, “Who are you?”
    Crag grunted his name.  “I am… not from around here.”
    The female said, “Yeah, we kinda figured that.”
    The male, Andre, took the last bite of his food.  To the female he said, “Come on Niya, we have to get to school.  My first class starts in 30.”
    The female, Niya, consumed the last of her eggs and the strange bread like material on her plate and said, “Okay.”
    Both young humans regarded Crag with suspicion, but said nothing uncivil to him.
    They left from a door next to Dionne after kissing their mother on the cheek.
    Dionne turned towards Crag.  “You hungry?”
    Crag grunted.  “Yes, the rhinos in my stomach are restless.”
    “Whatever dude.”  Dionne gestured to the chairs around the table the young ones sat around.  Crag sat down, placing his hands on his knees.
    “Why,” he said.  “Do my clothes smell like flowers?”
    Dionne didn’t turn from her cooking.  “They had blood on them.  The last thing you want is to be wearing bloody clothes when the police are looking for a murderer.
    “Murderer?” Crag asked.  “I killed that man in battle as he attacked you, that is not murder.”
    “Unfortunately the legal system won’t see it that way.  You already have a disadvantage being from a different… whatever.  You don’t know how things work.”
    Crag grunted.  “I have few disadvantages.  But this may be one.”
    Dionne moved the pan to a plate, scraping off eggs and bacon.  She put the plate down and used a spatula to scrape up three pancakes, placing them on the plate.  She set the plate down in front of Crag with a fork.
    Crag gingerly picked up the fork and looked at it.  He turned the tines downward and stabbed the egg causing the yolk to spill out and over the rest of the plate.  He smiled.
    Dionne sat across the table from Crag with her own plate.  “How are the eggs?”
    “Sufficiently massacred.”  Crag forked a mouthful of pancake in his mouth.  “What is this bread substance?”
    “Pancake,” Dionne said.  “It is batter fried into a circle.  Have you ever had syrup?”
    Crag said, “No.”
    Dionne stood and grabbed the syrup from the refrigerator.  She opened the top and poured a little over Crag’s pancakes.  “Try it.”
    Crag cut the pancakes and took a bite.  He thoughtfully chewed, then smiled.  “This tastes like what we call this ‘tree blood’ in my world.”
    Dionne chuckled.  “Yes, I suppose you would.”
    The two sat in silence as they ate.  Dionne occasionally stole glances at Crag and his attire.  Finally she said, “I should get you some clothes so you can blend in better when you leave.”
    “I am larger than most humans,” Crag stated.
    “Yes, I know, but I’ll take your measurements before I go,” Dionne said.
    After they finished eating, Dionne grabbed her measuring tape.  She instructed Crag to remove his armor and measured across his chest.  She fought the urge to linger on his massive pectorals.  She wrapped the tape around his neck.  She measured around his waist.  Next she measured his thighs and his calves.  She measured the length of his legs, then hesitated.  The last place she had to measure was the inseam.  She took a deep breath, started the tape down at Crag’s feet then ran her hand and tape up his inner thigh.  She could clearly feel his ‘short axe’ on the other side of the leather trousers.  She almost swooned, but she held her reaction to herself.
    As Dionne’s hand brushed against his member, Crag smiled and felt blood flow involuntarily towards it.  He knew she noticed the slight hardening as she suddenly stood up and smiled nervously.
    “There,” she said.  “Got your measurements.  Gonna go to the big and tall place now.  Get you some clothes.  Get you outta my house.”  Dionne walked stiffly to the living room, grabbed her keys and back out the kitchen door with hardly a glance at Crag.

~ * ~

    Crag waited in the house.  He spent the time walking back and forth exploring the different rooms.  He went into Dionne’s room again and sniffed around.  He smelled her personal human scents and found himself a bit intoxicated by them.  He felt it better not to linger.  He briefly sniffed around the house and found Andre’s room.  The walls were covered in large, shiny pieces of paper with different humans in various poses on them.  Crag couldn’t read the language of these humans, but he saw a lot of what were probably their type of script.
    He saw in Andre’s room figures in the shape of elves, dragons, and an ugly beast with black skin and a snub nose with large bottom canine teeth.
    Crag left the room and continued down the hall sniffing his way to Niya’s room.  She was a fan of the color red, including her bed covering and many of her clothes, which lay strewn across the floor.  Crag grunted and left that room.  He lumbered his way down the stairs and back to the kitchen.
    Not long after, Dionne returned home carrying three large bags with Big & Tall Emporium across the sides.  She beckoned Crag into the living room where she dumped out the clothes on the coffee table.  Crag stood, unsure in the door way.
    Dionne pulled him into the room and ordered him out of his armor and fur clothes… forgetting he had no undergarments.
    His member hung perilously between his thighs.  Dionne did her best not to stare and handed Crag a pair of tighty-whitey underwear.
    Crag looked at the cloth.  “What do I do with this?”
    Dionne looked him in the eyes and pointed down.  “Ya cover up your dick.  Put your legs through the big holes and don’t let the dick come out the small hole.”
    Crag chuckled amused as he navigated the underwear.  Next Dionne handed him a pair of blue jeans.  He slid them over his legs and buttocks.  Next a black t-shirt followed by a soft black hoodie.  Even at Crag’s size, the hoodie buried him.  He pulled the hood over his head and the shadow shrouded his jaw.
    Dionne smiled.  “Perfect.  Now you can probably go most places without too much trouble.  Get out of my house.”