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Crag = Krag
Teej = Tej
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Chapter 2

    Crag asked, "Do you have any idea who I am?"
    Dionne said, "Not a clue, but you are about to be the guy who gets an ass whoopin' for waking up my kids on a school night."
    Crag said, "I do not discriminate between man and woman in battle, bring your best combat wench."
    "Wench?" Dionne stood and clenched her fist. "I am a single mother, I raised both of my kids to respect other people at all times even when they are treatin' you like shit, and those that treat you like shit deserve that same kind of ass whoopin' to learn'em right."
    "Unbind me from this... bed... and we will see whose 'ass' is 'whooped'," Crag challenged.

    "Look, buddy, you're lucky I even gave you a bed, I could have just had Arnie wrap you in chains and leave you on the back porch. Now are you going to quiet down or am I going to have to gag you."
    "Put your hands near my mouth and you'll pull back a bloody stub, woman."
    "Woman. At least you dropped the wench stuff. Didn't yo mama teach you how to treat a lady?"
    Crag grunted. "I treat females with respect, when they are my equal."
    "I don't know what makes you think you're so big and bad, but you got taken down by a black chick who wasn't wearing shoes. You best rethink your superiority."
    Crag considered this. "I don't know what sorcery your white cloth was, but in a proper fight, you would not survive."
    Dionne snuffed. "I guess I better keep plenty of my sorcery ready then. Look. I'm going to go to bed. I'll let you cool off, get some rest and we'll talk about this after my kids get to school." Dionne walked back to the door.
    Crag struggled against his bindings. "Wait."
    She turned and looked into his unnaturally green eyes. "What?"
    "I...," Crag started. "I need to make water."
    Dionne put her hands to her hips. "Are you going to be quiet?"
    Crag sighed. "Yes. I will step as quietly as an Elf."
    "Whatever dude. You try anything funny and you will be sorry."
    "You have my word."
    Dionne unbound Crag carefully. Arnie donated his truck straps, his day job was an under the table mover so he needed the straps to keep things on his truck and trailer. Dionne pressed the release and slid the cloth rope out of the metal catches. When the cloth ropes were removed she unlocked the chains that held him.
    "All this trouble for me?" Crag asked. "I am honored."
    Dionne shrugged as she unlocked the thick locks. "You are a big dude, I couldn't take my chances."
    "I am merely an average size Orc. We do tend to tower over the Humans."
    "I'm six feet tall and you tower over me, that's saying something."
    "Six feet?" Crag looked at the bottom of her legs. "You only have two feet I can see. Where are the other four?"
    Dionne stuttered. "Wait, it's... uh, nevermind. Come with me. Be quiet."
    "As an Elf." Crag moved to a sitting position. He was half as wide as the bed was long.
    Dionne led Crag through the door of the spare bedroom. He had to turn sideways to fit through.     "Let's go," she whispered. They walked quietly down the hall to the night light illuminated, linoleum floor of the bathroom. She turned on the light. Crag stepped back in surprise.
    "What sorcery is this?" Crag asked.
    "Sorcery? No, this is just a light switch. Don't you have those where you come from?"
    "We have light, certainly, and switches, they are what we use to discipline our pups, but light switches, we have none."
    "Whatever, dude. Have you used a toilet before?"
    "I do not know these things."
    Dionne sighed. "Okay, you see this white bowl here? You do your thing there."
    "Do my thing?" Crag was confused.
    "Yeah, pee, piss, what did you call it... make water."
    "Yes, that urge makes my stomach hurt. I need to relieve it."
    Dionne lifted the toilet lid and stepped aside. "Go, in the bowl."
    "I usually go in the forest to give the water back to nature."
    "We live in the city, that's called indecent exposure."
    "Hrm." Crag and Dionne moved around one another, his width nearly trapped her behind him, but she made her way around back to the doorway.
    "Go ahead," she said. "I won't watch."
    She closed the door. "Just in case my kids wake up. Can't have them asking what a strange man is doing in our bathroom."
    Crag grunted. The mirror on the back of the door displayed full sight of him to Dionne. He pulled down his fur trousers exposing his back end and his height/weight proportional member. Dionne choked on a gasp in her throat. She saw thick, black pubic hair trailing down to the member and two accompaniments. Crag pulled back his foreskin and his urine flowed in a hard stream. Dionne looked at him deliciously for a moment. His back end was also just as muscular as the rest of his body and the late hour left Dionne's thinking more frisky than usual.
    Crag finished and pulled up his trousers, breaking the spell on Dionne. She turned. "Okay, now make sure you flush."
    Crag grunted. Dionne moved forward accidentally inhaling his musk. She swooned a little bit. She pushed the toilet handle down. "Like this. You flush and the water goes down."
    Crag watched the water swirl in the bowl and disappear to be replaced by new, clean water.
Dionne said, "All waste goes into one of these. So you piss... make water... and you shit. Do you know what that is?"
    "I can figure it out. We usually leave that in the forest for the Lupos."
    "We don't really have any forests or Lupos, whatever that is, around here, so you'll have to do it in the toilet, again, flushing afterward."
    "Now, you kind of smell, so you will need to shower."
    "What is that?"
    Dionne moved past him and opened the plastic curtain behind him. "You stand in the tub, and wash yourself with soap as water covers you."
    "I am aware of the process of bathing, but I usually do that in the stream near our village."
    Dionne put her hands back to her hips. "Do we look like we are anywhere near your village?"
    "No," Crag said shaking his head.
    Dionne showed him the knobs. "This one is hot, this one is cold and this one turns the shower off and on. Remember turn left to start, turn right to stop. You'll have to adjust the water temperature so you don't burn yourself."
    Crag grunted. "Water, burning, you must be insane."
    "Watch your mouth or I'll chain you up again."
    Crag grunted, used one foot to kick off his leather boot, then the other foot. His feet were as large as any other part of him and is five toes were sprinkled with black hair from his feet. He peeled off his torso covering. It most resembled a sleeveless t-shirt, but appeared to be woven cloth. Inadvertently his massive pectoral muscles flexed. His abdominal muscles were huge and defined like mystical valleys. His torso and back were covered with thick, dark hairs in a shape of a T from shoulder to shoulder and down to his fur trouser line. Crag again pulled down his trousers and kicked himself out of them. Dionne again received an eyeful of his member and two accompaniments.
    Dionne resisted licking her lips and pointed to the shower curtain. "Go on. You know what soap is right?"
    "Yes," Crag said, a little annoyed that she was asking him so many simple questions. "I can handle bathing, woman."